Facebook pulls plug on my account, still a beautiful day

Already under investigation by federal authorities, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook pulled the plug today on my fourth Facebook account during the past year.


BULLETIN: UN report released this week says Human Trafficking has reached ‘horrific’ proportions

Zuckerberg recently was declared “far more dangerous than Trump” and the evident collusion and power he wields with Facebook is obvious to anyone with a brain.

You can read all about it right here.

When I was jailed without charge and tortured by the appointed (to an elected position) sheriff hubby of US Rep Bustos, one of the things I heard her say in the jail after “Put him through the tunnel and onto a C17” was “contact Facebook, contact his bank … ” Many Hicks family members (my branch manager at American Bank was Ashley Hicks) have been arrested since.

But it’s a beautiful day in Denver today.

Just like this photo.

Watch: Why does Facebook always shut my account down after I post THIS YouTube video about Nick Warner (Quad-Cities Most Wanted) high school wrestling and sex work?

I slept on the concrete pavement last night, and had nothing to eat for 24 hours — from 8 a.m. yesterday to 8 a.m. today.

But I had fellowship most of the night, someone fun to hang with, to talk to.

And today has been the same, both at Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception and Christ’s Body.

I made nice with Salvation Army and hopefully will stay in the E Shelter tonight. It was nice to speak with Harold directly on the phone today. I am glad he can see I truly like Crossroads and feel everyone who stays there is awesome.

We all are awesome, the Denver homeless population.

And so, so smart. You never would believe how mega-intelligent Denver’s homeless men are.

I am COMPLETELY serious.

God bless this beautiful day the Lord hath made!

Cops steal my coveted ID, beat me up outside hospital




Security police from St. Joseph Hospital Denver and a Denver cop assaulted me outside the hospital Sunday after physically removing me from the hospital bed where I had lay 24 hours.

All of the officers appeared to be in a meth-induced rage. Denver-area security guards increasingly are coming under fire for their abuse. Check out this story in Westword about three cops recently convicted of beating a black man in the Union Station restroom.

They had me cuffed, my face pounded into the ground. Today, doctors at Denver Porter Adventist X-rayed the injuries. A hospital-driven police report and litigation against St. Joseph is forthcoming.

Check out my portfolio of paid addiction and recovery content for clients such as Foundations Recovery Network/Universal Health, a Fortune 500 company, Healthline, SobrietyResources.org and more

WATCH: I have my own human trafficking survivor case number with Polaris, so why aren’t I getting help from Polaris? They don’t even answer emails

BULLETIN: UN report released this week says Human Trafficking has reached ‘horrific’ proportions

The cops/security also stole my wallet, a brown leather, RFID-protected wallet containing my PayPal for Business Card, my Illinois identification, my Illinois Medical Cannabis Card, my EBT card, and my library card.

The Russian library worker in Denver Public Library’s Borrower’s Services has already denied me a replacement card. She was very difficult to understand, she needs some ESL refresh courses.

Ejected from Salvation Army for smoking medical cannabis

It all started when I was ejected from Salvation Army Crossroads shelter Saturday night for smoking my medical cannabis (legal, Illinois cardholder) in the smoking pit.

Earlier in the night, gang warfare had developed between white and Latin gangs inside Crossroads. I felt I had to go outside and medicate.

I became further triggered by several women running around Crossroads, and the fact that initially I was passed over for a blanket when everyone else in my row got one.

I then finally was given a sheet.

Both times — the man who would not give me a blanket and the man who threw me out for smoking cannabis (I had heard about the rule but did not believe it, as nothing is posted) was the same young, buff, black man.

He repeatedly walked in front of me all night, very slowly. I kept thinking I was back at Rock Island High School, being harassed by gang-bang punks.

Read more: Congresswoman Bustos set to murder human trafficking journalist (me)

This is typical; nutty Cheri Bustos, who is trying to kill me because I have ratted out her human trafficking and pedophilia ring, and murderer appointed sheriff hubby Gerry Bustos who spent time in Colorado trafficking heroin in his rectal for Aryan Nation in prison, always tries to turn those I get along with against me. She knows I get along with the blacks and always have.

BULLETIN … Check out my WalkAway video on YouTube, it has now surpassed 5,000 views!

The Antifa who harass me have been trying to induce riots at the Crossroads for several weeks now, and the guys at Salvation Army know this. Gerry is trying to do a “make good” with his Latin Kings brothers while Aryan Nation at the same time is upset with me for abandoning my Aryan Nation “family.”

I have reached out to Salvation Army, and they tell me my suspension of 30 days is under re-evaluation. I may be allowed back inside tomorrow under the circumstances (out-of-state medical patient and specific “no medical marijuana” signs posted outside in the smoking pit).

What happened at St. Joseph Hospital Denver

So what exactly happened at St. Joseph?

I was taken there after becoming very fearful of my life (I am being threatened by gangs) to the point I began to consider suicide as a way to go on my own terms. I was considering going into the bathroom at 7-Eleven and slitting my wrists with a blade from a shaving razor.

I walked several miles to Mental Health Center Denver crisis walk-in center. They basically said, “How can we help you today?” and I said I was suicidal. She gave me a Hot Pocket and a bus pass and suggested I reach out to my case worker on Monday (this was Saturday).

I rode the bus back to the 7-Eleven near Crossroads and immediately asked them to dial 911. The Denver Police came, I told them everything about the FISA warrants, Bustos and Bustos, etc. The one cop, kind of good looking, said to the older cop “Hookers and a hotel room” which I believe was a response to “What do we do with this guy?” I must admit it made me laugh and I even told him, “Hey, that’d be great.” To which the two Denver cops just looked at each other.

I actually spoke with them both for quite a while and basically said I am afraid I am going to be murdered by gangs. They took a report, they did not laugh at me, they did not harass me one bit.

Thank you.

The paramedic was a milky white redhead young kid, very nice, from Adams County paramedics.

Upon arrival at St. Joseph, which I have been sideways with and trespassed by before, but they claim they had no record of me ever being there before last Saturday (WTF?), they wanted to give me Zyprexa.

Zyprexa induces psychosis in many people, including myself.

I asked for Risperdal instead if they insisted on the antipsychotic line.

i woke up very agitated, cold, and hungry, and they injected me with Haldol. I cried when they said they were going to do it, because it gives me superhuman strength and sends me into a rage.

I don’t remember much after that, except more needles being poked into my arms and legs. The next thing I remembered was the assault referenced above at St. Joseph Hospital Denver.

After the St. Joseph assault I again walked to Mental Health Center of Denver Crisis Center, where I was called a cab and taken to Denver Porter Adventist. I spent a night in the hospital there, too.

Bustos set to murder ‘Human Trafficking’ journalist Heitz


Watch: Why does Facebook always shut my account down after I post THIS YouTube video about Nick Warner (Quad-Cities Most Wanted) high school wrestling and sex work?


In a long-thought-out, premeditated plan intended to always serve as a last-ditch effort to eliminate journalist David Heitz (me), U.S. Rep Cheri Bustos plans to have me arrested next week on a trumped up “Dine and Ditch” charge and have me murdered in Jefferson County Jail.

Or, she will have me referred to a DOC mental institution and have a Chinese doctor “cert” me as “delusional.”

I’ll have no way to tell my story or to post, her ultimate goal.

Gang-bang Sheriff Bustos, Cheri’s appointed sheriff hubby, close to dirty cops, mafia in Colorado

Gerry Jerry Lee Bustos, is a well-known Colorado gang-banger with extensive ties to corrupt Denver-area police.


WATCH: I have my own human trafficking survivor case number with Polaris, so why aren’t I getting help from Polaris? They don’t even answer emails

The terror of Sheriff Bustos is deep. My cousin, Julie Fordham Jones, told me Sheriff Bustos murdered Trudy Appleby and/or Polly Klaas many years ago when he was not the sheriff.

Artist’s renderings of the last person seen taking Trudy Appleby to a pool party, no doubt hosted by alleged pedophile (according to my neighbor Phyllis Viren) disgraced airport commissioner James Bohnsack, look exactly like my cousin Bart.

And why would Julie know Gerry killed her? Now it makes sense. Because Bart drove Trudy to Bohnsack’s, according to what I’ve pieced together.

Aunt Wanda, Julie Fordham Jones’ and I’s aunt, is the matriarch of the gang-bang Aryan Nation side of my mother’s family. I never knew about any of this until they started coming after me when my dad died. Aryan Nation is filthy; it’s a disgrace. I want nothing to do with them.

BULLETIN: UN report released this week says Human Trafficking has reached ‘horrific’ proportions

Racist Cheri Bustos comes at me with daggers

Cheri Bustos, my former journalism mentor who did not hide her racist views, began a relentless assault against me years ago when I began to nose around about the death of my friend Sam Davis. Sam and I both were intelligent guys and enjoyed each other’s company when we would be thrown out of parties hosted by Bill Boom and/or Daniel Fox.

Disgraced Davenport Alderman Bill Boom is now a convicted federal felon, for lying to the FBI about the young man who was dealing methamphetamine out of his home. You can watch retired newswoman Chrissy Minor’s report right here. I was part of this little group for a while as the mistress of Mr. Boom’s partner, who died in 2009.

Sam also became homeless despite extraordinary intelligence, just as I am now, and eventually (not long after he became homeless) was murdered.

BULLETIN … They freed the #slaves; #Newspaper #typesetters prove to be the perfect #humantrafficking narcs, right under the noses of the wicked, who wanted to protect their dirty deeds using a #constitution they do not even support

BREAKING FROM NBC NEWS … U.S. approved “Child Brides” in shocking display of filth that has the world gasping #HumanTrafficking #MeToo #TimesUp

Sam desperately wanted to tell me something, but I was newly sober and he still drank a lot. I blocked him on Facebook.

Bustos: Prince a ‘Freak’

Racist Cheri Bustos for years chided the idea of black employees in the newsroom of the Times, saying they “couldn’t cut it” or “only got the job because they were black.” Bustos RELENTLESSLY called Prince a “freak.” This scared me when it wast just her and I on weekend obits, as I liked Prince.

She was my boss, and she was very unprofessional on the weekends, and I viewed her behavior as harassment. I was afraid to say anything. I knew then she was dangerous.

I knew spineless yes-man editor Dan Hayes was pro-establishment, Cheri was anointed as was I. I just kept my mouth shut. Hell, Cheri and Gerry bought my drinks when I wasn’t even old enough to drink at Pat McGwire’s after deadline.

And look what happened to Prince, when his plane landed at that same, scary MLI Airport Cheri tried to traffick me out of. Then she got one of the doctors from where she worked AFTER the Quad-City Times, UnityPoint Trinity, to kill Prince.

Just like Cheri always wanted. Read all about it right here.

Cheri delights in killing others. Why, she colluded with Russia to have Malaysia 17 shot right out of the sky moments after a made I had interviewed about an HIV medication boarded the plane.

Check out my Healthline report on PrEP, a dangerous, unnecessary, and costly HIV medication being “given” out by quack doctors via grants to places like Colorado Homeless Coalition (or whomever, would not be surprised though since sex workers get preference for Coalition housing) via donors such as George Soros. Wicked, wicked George Soros.

Check out my video on why I had to #WalkAway from the Democratic party … now at 5,000 views

Retired Journalist Chrissy Minor of corrupt WQAD knows EVERYTHING, as I told her everything in FB messages long before Bustos began to come after me.

In the district of US Rep Cheri Bustos, the #Democrats routinely give the finger to the United States #Constitution every day. See how Gerry Jerry Bustos, Cheri’s murderer sheriff hubby, never was elected? Read on.

Nobody ever is elected there. It’s full-out Al Capone filth.

Related reading: How does human trafficking and being homeless in Denver or Davenport go together? Click here to find out

I am being given hateful looks by library patrons and the mentally ill are beginning to act out. I delight. Jerry Gerry Bustos is an #aryannation coward. #HumanTrafficking #MeToo #timesup Donald J. Trump President Donald J. Trump Donald Trump Is My President #SlaveryEndsNow #GoHomeFilthies #ByeBye

Bustos had me beaten up by my cousin Bobby Heitz and people from my old neighborhood, had me arrested at my dad’s memory care facility on no charges at all, thrown into her husband’s jail, and then had me thrown into the hospital as a “sex worker.” Screwball Cheri tried to traffick me out on a C17.

I was naked, only a straightjacket to cover myself with. I was held on no charges. Cheri watched me on hidden camera and called all the shots.

I heard everything. Just as Linda Barr, now Linda Barlow, married to Clinton County DA and also a former colleague of Cheri and I, warned: Cheri will murder her own children if needed.

Did you know Quad-City Times Staffer Gary Schneeberger of Traditional Values Coalition came to a party dressed in blackface as Clarence Thomas, pubic hair taped atop a Coke can, carrying an inflatable sheep? US Rep Cheri Bustos, aka “Lumberjack!” (tee hee xoxox) do you remember? Read all about Quad-City Times antics in Ch. 13 of my book. Google the excerpt online now, or just click right here!

Don’t cross her.

Oh, but nutty Cheri did way worse than all of this, oh yeah, even worse than using federal money for the airport tunnel. She had a warrant put on me called a FISA in a desperate effort to get me to commit suicide or be institutionalized. Had Hillary Clinton won, she would have succeeded.

Read all about illegal FISA warrants here. Yes, I know for sure I am on the list because the Rock Island Arsenal employees told me so.

Why would Cheri put me on a FISA? Well, she’s nuts. But here’s some more information that might help you.

Hillary’s server had to go somewhere, after all. Watch: My YouTube channel is just shy of 30,000 views

IHOP controlled by Saudi Arabia

After being served cold and poisonous food at an IHOP in corrupt Englewood in corrupt Jefferson County, Colorado, a Denver suburb, in November, I was roughed up by police and cited.

They cited me when my PayPal card, which had more than $3,000 on it, was declined.

I am to appear in court next week, but will not. Jefferson County allows only $5 per day on fines, and people are murdered in their jails regularly. There is no way I would get a fair judge.

IHOP has declined repeated attempts for me to work this out with them without court action. IHOP has a history of colluding with Saudi Arabia and other countries with a history of human rights violations, including human trafficking. Read all about it here.

Just like back at home in the district of US Rep Cheri Bustos, where her husband, Jerry Gerry, is the sheriff. He spent time in a Colorado Prison colluding with pro-pedophilia Aryan Nation and sticking balloons of heroin deep inside his rectum.

You can read all about it here, Jerry Gerry Bustos tried to sue A&E Gangland from reporting his rear-end antics. One Justice Neil Gorsuch told Bad Boy Jerry the show would go on.

Dozens are being rounded up in Bustos District for sex crimes, and indeed, around the country. I have lived a wild life but the Lord has forgiven me for my sins. I have been sexually toyed with my entire life, abused, and never allowed to have a normal sexual development.

I once went to Palm Springs (1997?) with a Turkish graduate student from the University of Southern California in South Central Los Angeles. I refused to work with him as a sex worker once we got to Palm Springs. He became very angry. I had nothing to do with him the entire trip after throwing him out of the room. I did drive him however when he showed up again.

I was scared driving him home. It was a strange trip that apparently is going to get me murdered at the hands of US Rep Cheri Bustos before all is said and done.

In fact, I worked one year at The Desert Sun in Palm Springs under the tutelage of openly gay newsroom diva Randy Lovely, now a high-ranking Gannett official. I also worked for a heinous woman named Kate who was a nightmare.

Randy was fine. Kate was not. My point is, I know Palm Springs WELL oh yes folks, I know all about human trafficking and it is the Democrats worst nightmare.

Watch on YouTube: My sexual history with Turks? Huh? And why do mentally sick women at the library like the one sitting across from me moan like they are having orgasms and the library staff let them?

The Oklahoma connection: More human trafficking horror the next state over

It is now increasingly obvious to me, based on dozens of personal interviews and eyewitness accounts and observations, that Oklahoma is a human trafficking hotbed.

Men are being forced into wicked and repulsive relationships with women of all kinds, they are branded with numbers often times, and they are, just like myself, made to believe “You’re just having a good time!” while being videotaped having sex and everything else.

They come to Colorado, where they won’t be extradited (Colorado does not cooperate with the other law enforcement agencies of our nation) to states they find even more miserable — states like Oklahoma, or Nevada, where they were slaves.

Genetic testing for WHAT?

The homeless of Denver know one thing: If offered healthcare of any kind, run for your lives.

There are a few exceptions. But here’s the latest weird thing: They offer us lottery tickets and gift cards to get “cancer screenings” if we have Medicaid. In fact, the cancer screening is a DNA test / blood type test.

Huh? Did you know only 5 to 10 percent of cancers come from gene mutations? You can check it out for yourself by clicking here. So, what is the point of paying for this test for everyone on Medicaid?

Makes no sense. Do you want our DNA/blood type for something else, wicked Colorado?

Has 1984 come late, but so, so much scarier?

Human trafficking homeless: Dirty Denver, QCA secret


Watch: Why does Facebook always shut my account down after I post THIS YouTube video about Nick Warner (Quad-Cities Most Wanted) high school wrestling and sex work?


Do you suppose it would be easy to human-traffick the homeless?

I mean, we’re talking about people who are homeless, quite obviously, because NOBODY CARES ABOUT THEM.

WATCH: I have my own human trafficking survivor case number with Polaris, so why aren’t I getting help from Polaris? They don’t even answer emails

Most do not have IDs. I won’t take a shower anywhere because I still have my ID and want it to keep it that way. If you shower you have to leave your clothes in a communal area.

But many homeless men will tell you that they lose their IDs after police take them to jail on trumped up charges.

In places with socialized medicine, where a Chinese doctor can declare you insane for saying the word “Bustos” and then lock you up, corrupt governments like Colorado, Illinois, and even Iowa can and do whatever they damned well please with the homeless.

It’s been happening for years.

Read more: My human trafficking nightmare, and how reporting it even as a decorated journalist has left me homeless and living in constant fear for my life

Here, nobody will go to Jesus Saves/ Denver Rescue Mission, because you are funneled onto various buses, and not everyone returns.

It’s a dirty little secret nobody talks about. But after dozens of interviews with homeless on the street both in Denver, Colorado, and Davenport, Iowa, That Denver Homeless Guy has Found:

In Davenport, Iowa, convicted federal felon and former Davenport Alderman Bill Boom, who lied about the young man dealing meth out of his home, did all he could to chase John Lewis Coffee Shop out of his ward. Today, a corrupt homeless shelter called King’s Harvest houses the homeless street men, who know they can hook if they go to Davenport and can do men. The gay bar’s just a hop away.

Recently, the homeless youth in the Quad-Cities had NOWHERE TO GO during school break for the holidays. It’s all happening in the district of US Rep Cheri Bustos, my former journalism mentor and a human trafficking queenpin who has overseen insane amounts of federal abuse loaded onto me in the form of FISA warrants.

Learn all about the FISA warrants by clicking here.

Read more: Davenport, like Denver, gets “Perfect Score!” for queer living from lib HRC, a “Foundation” that likely gets MILLIONS from George Soros, soon to be introduced to this discussion in a way that’s going to silence you all even more

Oh yeah, the alderman who is the convicted felon owned the gay bar. Watch, right here.

I was his partner’s mistress for a bit. I was all doped up on free cocaine, beer, Rumplemintze and 10 years of Risperdal and other assorted healthcare abuse to know any idea of who I was or what I was doing. Read all about it right here.

Not only is Jesus Saves frightening to nine out of 10 homeless men in Denver, but they also guffaw at the various “programs.”

Check out this story about the problem of homelessness and human trafficking in Austin, Texas

New Genesis allegedly is run by a woman with a meth problem. I am told she has a terrible temper.

Many of the work programs are just considered, um, no.


No! No! No!

Well, I may write more later, I have stuff to do.

Until next time.

Human Trafficking reveal: Why IHOP harassed journalist

BULLETIN: UN report released this week says Human Trafficking has reached ‘horrific’ proportions



The abuse I have lived through at the hands of the federal government, led by medically insane US Rep Cheri Bustos, the human trafficking queenpin and my former journalism mentor, is bad enough.


You can read all about her lunatic plan to load me onto a C17 by clicking here. Looney Toon used federal money to build a tunnel under Quad-City International Airport, MLI, six 20-minute flights daily to Chicago.

What a joke Cheri is. A dirty fraud.

And she’s a cold-blooded killer and a human trafficker. My WalkAway video with 5,000 views alone, my YouTube channel with almost 30,000 views, my website with more than 165,000 views, say it all.

I’ve been beaten by police in Denver, Lakewood, Englewood, Glendale …

I have been severely abused (to the tune of millions of dollars, don’t kid yourselves) by Denver Porter Adventist/Centura Health, Swedish General, Denver General/Denver Health, St. Joseph’s, Centennial Peaks Mental Hospital, Aurora Mental Hospital, potentially Mental Health Center of Denver (situation pending, would like my SSDI and a psychologist with guarantee I do not have to see a psych)

But to collude with PayPal and have my PayPal card, which had more than $3,000 on it as verifiable by Sonya here at the library, be denied at an IHOP so that I would have A COURT DATE OF JAN 16 is LUDICROUS.


It no longer is a secret that I met a Turk many years ago and he wanted me to become a sex worker with him. The evidence is now a mile high, shall we say, that my story is entirely true and I mingle about in the Mile-High City homeless.

IHOP has been colluding with Saudi Arabia on human rights abuses for years. Check out this smoking gun from the Daily Caller:

“The State Department’s 2017 report on human rights in Saudi Arabia outlined the oppressive regime’s egregious human rights violations:

“The most significant human rights issues included unlawful killings, including execution for other than the most serious offenses and without requisite due process; torture; arbitrary arrest and detention, including of lawyers, human rights activists, and antigovernment reformists; political prisoners; arbitrary interference with privacy; restrictions on freedom of expression, including on the internet, and criminalization of libel; restrictions on freedoms of peaceful assembly, association, movement, and religion; citizens’ lack of ability and legal means to choose their government through free and fair elections; trafficking in persons; violence and official gender discrimination against women, although new women’s rights initiatives were announced; and criminalization of same sex sexual activity

“In October, Saudi Arabia sparked international backlash following the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Turkey.

“Saudi Arabia isn’t the only oppressive regime to benefit from IHOP’s business.

“IHOP also has restaurants in the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait.

“Both countries are known to have poor records on human rights.”

IHOP, you’re FILTHY.

“I hop here, I hop there” always was the joke among Los Angeles street kids wanting to pick up a trick to turn fast cash.

I continue to be harassed for being the first journalist to blow the lid off true human trafficking violations being committed by the federal government. I continue to suffer, even as the story has been under all of your eyes for years.

Check out this report from esteemed National Public Radio, a federal agency:

“They come from places like Vietnam, China, Mexico and Guatemala, lured by promises of better-paying jobs and legal immigration. Instead, they’re smuggled into the U.S., forced to work around the clock as bussers, wait staff and cooks, and housed in cramped living quarters. For this, they must pay exorbitant fees that become an insurmountable debt, even as their pay is often withheld, stolen or unfairly docked.

“In restaurants, bars and food trucks across America, many workers are entrapped in a form of modern slavery. That’s according to a new report by Polaris, an organization that fights human trafficking and helps survivors.”


Newspaper pre-press: The Human Trafficking Narc


WATCH: I have my own human trafficking survivor case number with Polaris, so why aren’t I getting help from Polaris? They don’t even answer emails

Watch: Why does Facebook always shut my account down after I post THIS YouTube video about Nick Warner (Quad-Cities Most Wanted) high school wrestling and sex work?

God bless newspaper pre-press departments.

I’m pretty sure they have become the ultimate human trafficking narcs.

It’s scary as I added this all up last night, thanks to meeting so many people who work in the pre-press industry who have introduced themselves to me since I became homeless about six weeks or so ago.

BREAKING … FBI searching boat believed to be used for dumping body of Trudy Appleby …

Although my Facebook friends back in the Quad-Cities don’t acknowledge my posts out of fear of being murdered by US Rep Cheri Bustos, my former journalism mentor, or Gerry Jerry Bustos, Cheri’s appointed Rock Island County Sheriff hubby, they get the picture I have now drawn for everyone.

Food and beverage/casino/hospitality industries

The food and beverage industry is involved in human trafficking. In tourist areas, say, Branson, Mo., or Denver ski resorts, sex is in very high demand.

You’re on vacation. You want to have sex. A good resort always has sexy people working in the bars and restaurants. Haven’t you ever picked up a hot restaurant worker while you were on vacation?

The restaurant worker knows the hotel/bar owner, they have no family, who doesn’t like sex, right? Especially if free drugs and alcohol are provided.

And doesn’t a place with hot workers who put out usually have “NO VACANCY?” and cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching?

And casinos, oy, casinos. Sex, drugs and rock and roll. My hometown has a few of them. This ain’t my first rodeo.

If I am not mistaken, don’t Indian reservations also have lots of casinos? Do you recall I have said there is a Native American component to all of this?


OF COURSE hospitals would have to be involved in human trafficking, how else would you have somebody testify to an illness, or a condition of the body? How else could you lock up (and make disappear) a perfectly sane person who for whatever reason you want dead or missing?

Or maybe someone powerful has a fancy for them and wants them as a sex slave.

Don’t think you’re special and that it can’t happen to you, my story says otherwise!

Read more: When you take him to Trinity, tell them he’s a sex worker

Watch: A message for Richard Socarides, first openly gay member of a United States President’s Administration, who I used to date

Funeral homes

Much like the obvious stated above, funeral homes are an essential part of faking a death or lying about the cause of death.

In Colorado, a funeral home recently was indicted for selling body parts of the deceased.

I used to be the obituary reporter for the Quad-City Times, which brings me to … pre-press departments at newspapers.

Newspaper pre-press departments

So where do newspaper pre-press departments fit in?

Well, until the advent of the Macintosh, assorted desktop publishing, and even the internet, everything had to be typeset.

Can you imagine running a human trafficking organization? Correspondence to fellow slave-drivers (pimps, casino and hotel owners, etc) would need to be typeset; there was no internet back in the day. There were no computers.

There were typesetters such as Sir Speedy Printers.

Actually, one of my fellow Pulliam Fellows dad owned a Sir Speedy. Jeff Goldfarb!

Read more: Pulliam Fellow Journalist now homeless, living in fear for his life after relentless harassment by the federal government thanks to his whack job journalism mentor US Rep Cheri Bustos

And, if you typeset your scandalous announcements at a newspaper, well, maybe you would be protected under certain privacy clauses INTENDED to protect the sources of journalists.


Until everybody squeals and narcs out your dirty deeds, years later.

God bless.

Train Wreck, Snow White bring peace to Denver

I had a pretty nice weekend, and I actually am in a pretty good mood today, too, despite some weird stuff that happened at Civic Center Station this morning (old men trying to peer at young men trying to using a urinal in peace, then that same old man also trimming his beard over a toilet stool in the only stall, which had no toilet paper).

But this blog is how a “train wreck” and Snow White saved the day.

Train Wreck is the name of the medical cannabis strain that has been keeping me very, very calm. It’s always fun to try new strains and I must say Train Wreck may be the most medically appropriate strain I have had in a long while.

Train Wreck squashes PTSD anger and requires very little use when all is said and done. This one is testing above 30 percent THC and also contains CBD, which is causing days-old kinks to pop right out of my back.

Read more: Check out my medical cannabis writing portfolio at my other paid, professional website, DavidHeitz.com.

The hernia has not been acting up too bad because I have been taking it easy and not really going anywhere. Yesterday I only went from The Crossroads to the creek across the street, which I love due to all the wildlife. There are so many species of birds to watch and feed. Plus, I love the squirrels. You should see them take a Skittles right out of your hand, run up to their tree nest and savor it a long while. They are so cute. They nibble on the Skittles while on their hind legs.

Also, it’s just a short block or so up to the 7-Eleven from Crossroads, and I basically have been using my food card and just buying stuff to eat from there.

It’s nice to take a break from the mass feedings, although they often provide great food and fellowship.

Here’s what Leafly, the marijuana bible, says about Train Wreck (which, pardon me, is actually one word … Trainwreck):

“Trainwreck is a mind-bending hybrid with potent sativa effects that hit like a freight train. Mexican and Thai sativas were bred with Afghaniindicas to produce this Northern California staple, passing on a sweetlemon and spicypine aroma. Trainwreck begins its speedy hurtle through the mind with a surge of euphoria, awakening creativity and happiness. Migraines, pain, and arthritis are mowed down by Trainwreck’s high THC content, and many patients also use it for relief of anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and PTSD. Trainwreck flowers finish up in early October outdoors, while indoor gardens are ready for harvest 8 weeks into flowering.”

Leafly says Trainwreck is best used for stress, depression and pain.

According to urban legend, “Trainwreck” is named after the cannabis strain some Amtrak drivers were smoking during a bad accident.

So don’t drive any trains while smoking Trainwreck.

The other strain I tried for the first time, which made me very giggly followed by sleep, was Snow White. Here’s Leafly’s take on Snow White:

“Bred by Nirvana Seeds, Snow White is a 65/35 indica/sativa hybrid. Early and abundant resin production is attributed to her White Widow mother.  Flowering finishes in a standard 60 to 70 days from start and provides a nice balanced and steady high.”

Leafly says Snow White is best used for depression and pain. So how about that.

I am very grateful to finally have my medical cannabis and to be in a much better mood, at least for now. So I am going to continue to just take it easy, and spend the day watching the birds and the wildlife by the creek.

Have a great day! It’s beautiful in Denver; about 60 degrees and sunny.

The weather is beautiful here, almost sunny every single day of the year (more than 300 days a year!) and even in the winter, it only gets really cold at night, for the most part.

Not really what you think.

Have a good one.